- Paul's Cube Roll -

This is my submission to the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1 following the theme "Stronger Together".

Roll and assemble cubes to pass obstacles and press buttons.


Code / Design / Visuals 

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Music / Sfx 

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- Controls -

Move : WASD / Arrows

Undo : [Z]

Reset : [R]

Camera : [Mouse Drag]

Change Level : Numpad [+] / [-] and [P] / [O]

Use this if you are really stuck. You will need to solve every

level to get the ending. You can go back to a puzzle you skipped at any time.

 - GL HF -

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Platformer
Tags3D, bl4st, cube, hard, Minimalist, Music, roll, sausage


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Paul's Cube Roll - PC.zip 35 MB

Development log


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i can't downloiad

there should be a way to save progress.

(1 edit)

Hey, unfortunately there isn't, but you can skip levels with numpad +/- and keys o/p. But yeah solved levels are not saved between playthroughs so you will have to redo them if you want to see the ending :)

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Hi, i f*cked my brain couple days, i can't create movement mechanics like your game. Can you give me sources or ideas how to create movement like your game. I work of my puzzle game with indent movement but some new featuers. I very like you work. If you send me some stuff, I'm really grateful for that, and of course i add you to authors

Hey, sure, give me your discord

my discord: empty_hrt (that's new discord name without #)

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WOW I'm amazed I have been working on my game for about 2 years on and off and this is so similar a little bit difference in art and some mechanichs but WOW. If you have time it would meen the world if you tried playing my game. Great game well done. My games name is Check box.

Sure, Can you upload a WEB build please

I can upload a web build later to day

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I have a low fps version out rn(https://valps-z.itch.io/checkboxwebgl) but its slow and pretty annoying if you want it to run faster you can use the downloaded one.

Great simple game. I like the riling cube animation when restart a level.

But in web browser, there is a strange purple artifact in the middle. Like a polygon with no texture ?

Thank you, i have no idea what causes this and have not been able to replicate it unfortunately :s


I tested on an other computer with same OS (Linux manjaro) and same browser (Firefox 89.0.2).

I tested with chrome, and there is not this artifact.

If you don't have time to look at this, it's not a problem.

Thanks for making this greate game.


Kinda cute :)

Thank you !

So this just happened, is this real life ? 


Awesome! Brings back memories of playing that one flash game where you have to turn the rusty block around! Great work


Thank you, im glad you enjoyed it :D


Hi there. I think there might be a bug in Linux port.
Pressing ENTER in the beginning doesn't do anything.
Not a big deal though, as I can play the Windows version using Wine. Just wanted to let you know. Fantastic game btw. 😀

pls can you make it so the graphic s can be changed to a lower level


Have you tried downloading the game ? it runs better than the WebGl build.

ye i just have a low end laptop

Ok, imma say I'm not too far in, and I'm already like, "What the hell?!" Pls make it so u can rotate!

(1 edit) (+1)

But then you wouldn't be like, "What the hell ?!" 

I like this game's concept but the web version has a few bugs. I managed to break the "lost" message by quickly restarting a level and sometimes orange blocks and yellow buttons just don't react to what they should detect.


so difficult!

Wow GG !


It's a bug, you can force yourself through blocks.

Hey thank you very much for taking the time to uplaod a video ! I am not able to replicate this bug on my machine but i think i understand what is going on and i will probably be able to fix it !


Great idea, but the puzzles are way too difficult.



Hi, I've made a video about your game and wanted to share some feedback about it :D hopefully it's helpful to you :)


-The main concept of the game it's really good for a puzzle game :)

-Visually the game is simple and enjoyable.

-I think I've seen the difficulty spike some times during my gameplay but in general the game feels pretty balanced.

-The gameplay mechanic you base the levels on is well done and works great :).

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



I can't get the web version to work on OSX and had to chmod the executable to get it to work, but after all that it was extremely laggy.

If it's not too much of a pain to fix the web version, I'd love to play! Though I totally understand if you've got more pressing things to do :)

I can't update the game until +/-10 days because it is locked during the rating period of the jam. I am sorry to hear that, i don't own a MAC nor a Linux machine, i just released the builds for those platforms because unity let me, i have no idea what is wrong and how to fix it, sorry 😬


Oh well! Thank you for giving it a shot all the same and good luck in the jam 👍



by the way, is the title inspired by "stephens sausage roll"?


Yes absolutely ! This is why i named it like that, its a tribute to the greatest puzzle game ever made ^^


I just watch a video about "stephens sausage roll" while playing this game and I will say other than the price, it's really underrated, also fuck the last two level, spend a total of 3 god damn hours on the last two XD, glad I did cause it's so creative the way you have to solve it that you wouldn't believe that this is made in 4 DAYS


also is the congratulate level is a one time thing? cause the blocks are gone and I want to re-experience it cause I had my headphones down when I go serious mode XD

For every level you solve, you unlock few blocks for the final stage, you can't get the ending if you skip levels ^^. When you finish, the game restarts and clear your progress. 

Stephen's Sausage Roll is often at a 70% discount during steam sales, it is a must have and is clearly worth the full price. I almost never played it because of the price and i am pretty sure so many people missed this masterpiece for the same reason. Once you finish it, you understand how 30$ is cheap considering the amount of work that has been done to design so many puzzles with unique solutions.

makes sense :D


I got stuck on the third one



Good work! Love the sounds and visuals.




very fun


This is very polished!


wow it's very polished, loved it!


Great concept and very well polished. Loved the design.


Super fun! Well polished! I got stuck on the level where you need to reach down (maybe the only one, maybe its the first, i dunno). how do you solve it?

You can skip a level if you are stuck with numpad + . I wont tell you how to solve it :p

Dang it. I got three different ways on the bottom, but it still didnt work. 

i dont hae a numbpad is there ay other way?

Thank you, i didin't think about that, there is now a second set of keys to navigate levels !




Very cool! I like these cube puzzles, interesting little mind-teasers. Very professional and solid feeling. Nicely done!