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Welcome to Horde !

The evil humans killed your loved ones. Build a horde, make it through their defenses and take your revenge !

Horde is a physics based zombie horde simulator. Tell me what you think about it.

W / A / S / D / Left Stick :  Move

R / Xbox "B" : Restart level

Mouse right / left click  / Right Stick: Change camera orientation

Escape / Start : Main menu

Escape / Start : Exit game from main menu

Maybe i went a little bit crazy on the physics, you probably need a decent PC to play this.

I made this game alone in 6 days for the Weekly Game Jam #150, i followed the theme "You are the enemy".

I guess the scale of this game was too big for my first game jam, i planned 3 levels but had only time to make two of them, the last one is comming soon(tm) I'll make it if i have time to do so.  I also had no time to fix the audio loops, that's why it sounds kinda botched. 

It has been a lot of fun and i will probably keep experimenting on this project and add more levels / mechanics.

The 3D assets are from SYNTY Studios, i don't have to credit them but they make really good affordable stuff, i loved playing with those assets. 

If you want to support my work you can get PARADOX on steam.

Thank you for playing Horde !

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
GenreAction, Survival
Made withUnity
Tags3D, horde, Physics, ragdoll, simulator, Survival Horror, Zombies
Average sessionA few minutes


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The application “HordeMac” can’t be opened.

macOS 12.5 (21G72)

MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021) 

Apple M1 Max

32 GB

I dont have access to a mac to test the game on it. Maybe you need to change the permissions ? I can't help you sorry


Zombies have always been my favorite, this game was so unbelievably fun.

There aren't enough games out there where you play as the creature, let alone zombies. Please make more of this, i would buy in a heartbeat !

I made a video on it as well if you want to check it out :)

Glad you enjoyed it, thank you for playing !


This game is great. As a support, I have already purchased your game. Please continue to work on it. Please put this game on Steam after you finish it. A supporter from China,


Yo, this game slaps! It's a great concept, has good graphics, and is just plain fun. I had a great time with it, Nice job.


I had so much fun playing this game!

Fun game. I definitely wanted to carry on playing after the 1st 2 levels. I feel like a bit more control options would be good - for example to be able to make them spread out a bit or bunch together more depending on the situation, or to climb over each other to climb walls.  Also, it's a bit odd that the humans don't run away - so if you could bring that in without making it impossible to catch them it'd probably add to the interest.  Looking forward to when the bunker level is released. :)


This as so much fun :D Thanks for the laughs!


Had a fun time playing this Game :)
Add more levels : this has potential to be a hit :)


My new video Gameplay about the game

from Brasil


We really enjoyed this game, and got some funny moments out of it. Is there a full version releasing? I'd play a 2hour version of this game for sure. Would be worth £5.00 easy too. 

Hey, Thanks for playing im glad you enjoyed it, i didnt take the time to work further on this idea but i've been thinking about it and i think what i can do gameplay wise is very limited. Maybe i will use this physics based horde mechanic for an other game but i doubt it will be the core of the game.


Had a fun time playing this! Simple but the "horde" mechanic of needing a certain number to make it past obstacles made it more interesting. Good work!




A really fun game. Loved the gameplay.


Really cool game but you should work on music and sound effects (people screaming, zombie running and screaming...)


Ok, I'm not gonna lie: You could definitely make an entire game out of this and it would be such a hit! Reminds me of some of those .io games like agar.io in the way that your mass grows bigger the more people you consume.


Thanks, iI will try as soon as i have time to invest in this project ! I should probably restart this project from scratch, it is a bit of a mess as i had to make it in a short time frame.


I agree!!! This has so much potential to be a hit!


Lovely Game :D

Thx :)


Super fun! i would be down to help you expand this to networked ability for an even more fun experience i feel!

I dunno about that but im  glad you enjoyed it !


Awesome and original concept, well conceived gameplay mechanic. Definitely worth expanding into a full-fledged game. Here's 5 bucks.

Thank you very much !


Really fun mechanic and gameplay.

Its the last game I played in the video. At first, I was just having fun running around trampling everyone but later on you really got tactically evade which is fun.

i think you commented on the wrong game :T

No I didn't. Its last game I played on the video. I played a bunch of games together. It starts around 9min mark.

I had fun playing horde. I really think it could grow to a large game.

oh ok cool i will check out the video


Very satifying game to play, and works great on 2011 imac so far. ;)


So this is the first game I played in my new series: 2 Wacky Games. And I gotta say I really enjoyed it! You had to actually think strategy, and I literally broke down when I realized that to beat the bridge you had to move the car. I had to take a 30 min break lol. Had fun also with the "cheating" mechanic. It was fun having like 500 zombies. Great game!


Haha, that was hilarious, thx for playing !


me recomiendan el juego ?


Works great on my Mac. Building up a zombie horde swarm is a super satisfying game mechanic! Thanks for sharing this!

Thank you !

Deleted 1 year ago

You need something to open it, look around. Tip : you can make the last push with only 7-8 zombies in your horde  :)

Deleted 1 year ago

I agree, there is small parts of the road that are destroyed and block the car from going the wrong way but we don't see it very well, i couldnt place a big obstacle because you need to be able to place your horde on the back to push it. This is why i added NPCs between the cars, if you take them, you will move the car by accident and understand there is a "puzzle" . Before that most people missed it.


I really enjoyed this one! Fun to play around with and the "cheat code" on the main menu was super great. I got up to 500 before my game started really lagging out lol.


I had a lot of fun! Looking forward for the new levels!


exlente juego , muy entretenido con un concepto simple. felicitaciones.


I love this game, It's just like the reverse horror game, and I love the extra option after completing the game. I hope you add more levels and even more types of zombies, such as heavy, sprinters and such. Love the game hope you continue 


Love the physics, nice to have some character leveling options, zombie type and the humans on defense gets stronger maybe tanks as well, Great game

(1 edit) (+1)

Imagine a marathon race in which out of the hundreds to thousands of participants, you controlled not one, not two, but upwards of fifty runners in an attempt to make them all finish as high as possible.

Or, imagine this: You are a lone zombie in a big marathon race with thousands of participants. The goal is to try to infect as many other people as you can (turning them into more zombies under your control), and to have the resulting zombie horde finish as high in the leaderboards as you can.


man what a fun and great game! fun controls and phsyics!

got world war z vibes!

(1 edit) (+2)

Hey, just a heads up that group ( SYNTY ) is giving away free packs that you may be intersted in for your project. It says Unreal Engine but Im pretty sure you could port these over to Unity 



I also found this


Hope these help you out :)

Wow i never used the unreal marketplace so i would have missed that, Thanks !

No prob


Cool game. I like the fact that it is not just a run and win game, but that you actually have to stop and think a little every once in a while. The mechanics are great and the artstyle is very cool too. Great job. Looking forward to the final map!


Awesome game! Really liked playing and can't wait for final level.


Really cool game, well done.
Would like to see some quality of life improvements in the meantime of controller support for things like "restarting" after you die, "starting the game", and "exiting the game".

Can't wait to see the next level or any other additions.

Thank you ! Controller support added :)


This game was more then then I first expected. I made a video with my reactions and what I did. So, if your curious then you can go a head and check it out if you like.

Thank you !  Your reaction was hilarious ^^


This game is a lot of fun! Please keep working on it! 

Thanks, will do ! Bunker probably comming during the next week :)


Really really fun. Really fun concept

 Personally a big fan of the level design and use of modular assets. The clever level design kept things fresh. 

Also gameplay wise was a big fan of enemy soldiers being off screen but warning shots are still received when you begin to enter range. Really intuitive and felt fair.  Physics are also quite satisfying when charging. 

Dunno is this is a clone or based off another game but I'd defo put more work into it, something there. 

(1 edit)

Thank you for your feedback ! There is probably something similar somewhere but it is just based on the World War Z hordes. 3rd level is probably commign this week and i will probably keep experimenting on this later on as it is a lot of fun ^^ . Glad you like it :)


I liked the game. I've always wanted to play as a zombie))) Minus in the management of the camera can be very spinning (((

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